Apple is not a company that makes mistakes. They release a limited number of products each year, and that might seem like less. But to Apple, the concept of ‘less is more’ seems to be working really well. 2020 saw the release of Apple’s most popular product, the iPhone, come to its 12th edition releasing 4 variants: the iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Max and the iPhone 12 Max Pro, in increasing order of price.

iPhone 12 Mini

The iPhone 12 Mini is all the rage now, because it is basically a flagship smartphone in a compact package. It features the top of the line A14 bionic chip that is present in all the 4 variants. It has a 5.4 inch 1080p OLED display which seems extremely small when compared to all the other smartphones today: which can be a good thing, because there are not a lot of smartphones out there which can come out and say they make the best smartphone with the smallest screen. Compared to the tiny 4.7 inch screen of the iPhone SE from last year however, the iPhone 12 Mini is a significant improvement. The camera is the best ever in the 700 dollar price segment, and so are the other classic features of iPhones that make them iPhones. However the major drawback of the iPhone 12 Mini is the battery life. In 2020, the iPhone 12 Mini has a regular day battery life of 4 hours, which is really not that impressive considering that there are phones that can last 2 days with no issue. However, the phone is comparatively smaller and so this was expected. The speakers too are a bit small, but they aren’t exactly noticeably different in terms of audio quality.

iPhone 12 Mini

iPhone 12 Pro Max

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is the largest hardware jump that Apple has made in years. The phone features a 47 percent larger main camera, an ultrawide camera and a 2.5x telephoto camera instead of the 2.0x on the other iPhones. It also boasts a sensor shift stabilization system instead of lens stabilization, which should mean that the iPhone 12 Pro Max should be exceptional at low light photography, much more so than the other iPhones. But as it turns out, the iPhone 12 Pro Max and the Iphone 12 Mini are actually quite comparable in terms of photography. So it seems like the iPhone has reached saturation with their 12 MP camera sensor and focus more on their hardware than their computational photography algorithms. But if you are looking for the biggest screen and battery life, the iPhone Pro Max is definitely the phone for you, because it has a whopping 6.7 inch OLED display, and even with that, the screen on-time can be anything between 6-7 hours depending on type of usage.


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